Six Habits of Highly Empathic People

By Roman Krznaric on Friday September 9th, 2016 Are We Living in the Age of Empathy? If you think you’re hearing the word “empathy” everywhere, you’re right. It’s now on the lips of scientists and business leaders, education experts and political activists. But there is a vital question that few people ask: How can I […]

How to Overcome the Fear of Self-Expression

Image: Alexander Krivitskiy Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway! I’ll be the first to admit that self-expression can be scary, especially when survival instincts warn us to play it safe. Since it often feels easier to repress self-expression than risk judgment, humiliation, and even rejection, many of us conveniently hide behind masks. However, there […]

Healing the Child Within

By Thich Nhat Hanh on Wednesday April 5th, 2017 How to Heal the Wounds in Your Heart In each of us, there is a young, suffering child. We have all had times of difficulty as children and many of us have experienced trauma. To protect and defend ourselves against future suffering, we often try to […]

Is This the Future of Healing Trauma?

By Shawn Ginwright on Tuesday August 21st, 2018 I Am Not What Happened to Me From time to time, researchers, policy makers, philanthropy and practitioners all join together in a coordinated response to the most pressing issues facing America’s youth. I’ve been involved with this process for long enough to have participated in each of […]