I am Hobart, and I am an Alcoholic

I am Hobart, and I am an alcoholic. I am also a homosexual who is currently coming to terms with a particularly juicy slice of the insane life I led when I first arrived in New York City in the early 1990s. Years later, in 2006, I would crash, burn, hit rock bottom and eventually […]

Love’s Illusions I Recall

Jay Gatsby became the man he believed Daisy Buchannan could love. Perhaps otherwise content to live a life of middling aspiration, he hustled – with legendary parties, crooked cash and fancy cars – until he’d built around himself a mythic gravity, sufficient, he hoped, to pull West Egg across the water. Did he do all […]

The Cuddler

Yes, I Paid a Woman to Cuddle With Me In my mind’s eye, I am backstage behind a curtain while Oprah tells her studio audience they are about to meet a man who paid a woman to cuddle with him. Her announcement is met with gasps, skeptical laughter, and facial expressions betraying attempts to wrap […]