Astrology, traditionally considered a metaphysical art or medium for fortune-telling, is commonly confused with sun sign astrology. However, far more complex, the symbolic language of astrology offers a map or blueprint of human nature in the form of a birth chart – also known as a “horoscope”. Used therapeutically, a horoscope has the potential to depict the inner landscape of a person, whereby describing central themes and issues in human development.

Astrology is a language of symbols; an architecture of the soul’s development represented by planets, signs, houses, and transits.

Astrology is neither deterministic nor magical. A horoscope doesn’t confine a person to a prescribed destiny any more than a culture influences a person’s experience of life. In contrast, a horoscope offers freedom through conscious choice, resiliencies earned through struggles, meaning and purpose, and a spiritual awareness that comes through the unconditional acceptance that all people suffer and triumph.

What to Expect

What to Expect

A horoscope can: identify major themes and repeating areas of importance, it can portray a person’s attitude, their style of relating to others, what they need to feel safe, and how they best assert themselves. Horoscopes can also help to identify unconscious and limiting beliefs, familial patterns both past and present, and describe the optimal path for personal unfolding. When understood deeply and used responsibly, a horoscope can craft a map of our consciousness to help navigate the current conditions of our psyches.

Another common misunderstanding is that astrology foretells the future. This fallacy is dangerous because not only does it give the impression that destiny is “written in the stars” but it also abdicates a person from taking responsibility over the designing of their life, relegating them to a victim of circumstances. The aim of astrology strives to empower a person to rely on their own resources, of equal importance, it also prepares a person for the impending situations that will challenge them.

Astrology not only presents a template for quickly identifying personal struggles and strengths, it forecasts favorable times for progress and stressful times of trials. In combination, these templates and forecasts are intrinsically connected to the individual’s process of becoming themselves, further enabling the wholeness of the person to come forward.

Beyond helping people make appropriate decisions, view their life with more clarity, understand how their early conditioning has shaped their current attitudes, and find meaning in their struggles, astrology has a transpersonal dimension that can assist people through the proverbial crisis of spiritual awakening. The domain of the soul is not one easily accessed through traditional cognitive therapies. We look to depth psychotherapy and transpersonal psychology to assist this process; however, even these can take years to yield results.

Astrology can be used as a tool for personality assessment, like that of the Big 5, MMPI, NEO, and the Meyers-Brigg, all of which are self-report inventories and leave out the spiritual dimension. The benefit of a professional horoscope interpretation is that it is dynamic, detailed and deeply personal. To sit with another person who can both see and communicate your inner and outer life with clarity and compassion is the meaning of person-centered counseling.



Suggested Reading

  • Therapeutic Astrology by Greg Bogart Ph.D
  • The Soul Speaks by Mark Jones
  • Synthesis and Counseling in Astrology by Noel Tyl
  • An Introduction to AstroPsychology: A Synthesis of Modern Astrology and Depth Psychology by Glenn Perry Ph.D
  • Dynamics of the Unconscious by Liz Green and Howard Sasportas
  • The Dark of the Soul: Psychotherapy in the Horoscope by Liz Greene
  • Person Centered Astrology by Dane Rudhyar

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