Many of us have had healing experiences that have changed our lives. They may be moments of profound insight that changed our perspective or awakened our consciousness to everything around us. Or perhaps we have had experiences through the guidance or support of a talk therapist, shaman or meditation teacher, that opened our hearts and altered our actions.

Reading other people’s stories of insight or triumph gives us inspiration and motivation
to continue our own journey’s. And writing our own stories often furthers the healing experience because we are authentically giving to others.

This is the place to share your story. Send it to us at and our editors will help get it ready for publication here.

We are all in this together. We look forward to hearing from you soon



I am Hobart, and I am an alcoholic. I am also a homosexual who is currently coming to terms with a particularly juicy slice of the insane life I led when I first arrived in New York City in the early 1990s. Years later, in 2006, I would crash, burn, hit rock bottom and eventually find my way humbly into the rooms of AA. There is a tiny piece of my story that I... Read more

Jay Gatsby became the man he believed Daisy Buchannan could love. Perhaps otherwise content to live a life of middling aspiration, he hustled – with legendary parties, crooked cash and fancy cars – until he’d built around himself a mythic gravity, sufficient, he hoped, to pull West Egg across the water. Did he do all that for love or a fantasy? As a psychotherapist, I spend a lot of time... Read more

Yes, I Paid a Woman to Cuddle With Me In my mind's eye, I am backstage behind a curtain while Oprah tells her studio audience they are about to meet a man who paid a woman to cuddle with him. Her announcement is met with gasps, skeptical laughter, and facial expressions betraying attempts to wrap the mind around such a concept. It's true: I paid Sam Hess, the professional cuddler in Portland, Oregon, to cuddle with me for an... Read more

"...what is usually called hypnosis is an experimental model of a naturally occurring phenomenon in many families. In the family situation, however, the hypnotists (the parents) are already hypnotized (by their parents) and are carrying out their instructions, by bringing their children up to bring their children up... I consider that the majority of adults (including myself) are or have been, more or less, in a post-hypnotic... Read more