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Below is a heart-warming tale of Tapping, and just how versatile it can be, even used by email.

May this exercise bring you peace.

Following is a quick look at tapping points used to bring permanent relief and change into people’s lives.

Feel free to tap along and borrow benefits while reading. Voila, your own free healing mini-session enclosed.

Karate Chop: Soft spot on outside of your hand midway between your pinky and your wrist.
Inside eye: Inside of your eyebrow next to your eye on bony ridge.
Outside Eye: Outside your eye next to your temple.
Under Eye: soft spot in the middle under the bottom of your eye.
Under Nose: Midpoint dent below your nose and above upper lip.
Under Chin: Midpoint dent above your chin and below your bottom lip.
Collarbone: an inch to the right or left of where a gentleman ties his knot for his tie.
Under arm: Soft spot if you gave yourself a hug. Use four fingers to tap here.
Top of head: crown of head, tap with four fingers gently in a circle.
Each spot is tapped using your first two fingers five to seven times while saying your reminder phrase.

Note: It is important to tap these spots gently so you do not cause yourself harm.

There was this very nice gentleman who worked for a government non profit I ran across during some practice time.

I introduced myself, and asked him if he would like to work with me. He agreed, and said his main pain was that he had been married, and his wife had died violently in a car crash two years earlier. I asked him to rate his pain level. After two years, he was still grieving with a pain level of ten.

Ok, I said, we can tap and see if we can get you feeling a little bit better.

We started at the KC, and repeated three times. Even though I have this pain left over from the crash, I deeply and completely love and forgive myself, and accept all of me.
After repeating the setup and affirmations, we move to Inner Eye. This pain that I have, I choose to let it go.

Outer Eye: All this pain,
Under Eye: I let it go.
Under Nose: All this pain, it hurts,
Under Chin: I let it go.
Collarbone: Let it go.
Under Arm. This pain
Top of Head: I let it all go.

He then stopped to breathe, and re-rated his pain level. It had moved from a ten to a seven.

We started on the next rounds tapping on points one through eight with: This remaining pain.
And we started with, Karate Chop: Even though I’m carrying this pain with me, I deeply love, forgive and accept myself.

We stopped for him to breathe and re-rate the pain level. It had moved to a five. We then tapped a full round again, using the words: Even though I still have some of this pain left, I completely love, accept, and forgive myself. On tapping points one through eight, our reminder phrase was all this remaining leftover pain.

We stopped, and his pain level had dropped to a two. After testing to make sure his loss of pain was permanent, asking him again about his wife, he said he still felt fine, and that a huge weight had been lifted from his life.

Thanks to an easy to use method, one life had been changed towards the good forever.

If this can happen in less than forty-five minutes, imagine how your life can improve. Find someone to work with today, and watch possibilities in your life open, creating new solutions to current problems.

Thank You beautiful soul, for letting me work with You today towards your personal peace, power, and possibilities.

If you would like to work with me, send an email to EFTDreamCatalyst@gmail.com with the headline: Mini healing session. I will get back to you as soon as humanly possible with your personalized session details.

Thank you for allowing me the Honor of service.

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