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The Transformational Chairwork Psychotherapy Project


Healing the Past, Claiming the Present, Creating the Future

In 2001, I discovered – in a deep and profound way – what I have come to call the Art and Science of Chairwork.  I have been seeking mastery in this method ever since.  Originally developed by Dr. Jacob Moreno and Dr. Fritz Perls, Chairwork is a psychodramatic and experiential technique that is centered on the enactment and resolution of both inner and outer conflicts.

In my psychotherapy practice, I conceptualize patients’ problems using models of inner mulitplicity or the idea that we each contain different parts, modes, voices, or selves.  I am also deeply influenced by heroic existentialism and I work with patients to help them be courageous, confront the darkness, and take meaningful action in their lives and in this world.

With this as a foundation, I use Chairwork to empower patients to confront their fears, resolve their traumas, re-balance their internal energies, embrace the heroic, and liberate themselves from the prison of addiction.

This article captures some of the ways that I use Chairwork with patients: Kellogg – Dialogues and Encounters – Fritz Perls and the Art of Gestalt Chairwork

I have also written a book for therapists and healers — Transformational Chairwork: Using Psychotherapeutic Dialogues in Clinical Practice.  An Amazon Gestalt Psychology #1 Bestseller.

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