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New Results Arts & Energy Therapies LLC


Expressive arts and Shamanic energy healing to support your goals and vision for a more positive future. Accessing your soul’s power and guidance through expressive arts, such as, movement, drawing, poetry and hand drumming. Shamanic energy work to clear congested or misplaced energy patterns and allow your healing, positive future to build into your energy architecture for manifestation.

Clients’ goals have included reducing anxiety and insecurity, improving mood and motivation, increasing financial wellness, restructuring a business, defining career path, optimizing relationships or family transitions, healing old emotional pain, stabilizing positive self-relationship, removing energetic traces of past injury, deepening sober recovery, strengthening spirituality.

25 years professional experience in body-mind-spirit approaches to mental and emotional wellness. 12-Step friendly, multi-culturally competent, business/entrepreneur friendly.

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Glassboro, NJ 08028