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Westchester Healing Group, Inc.


I am a shaman, trained in the old ways, and heart-centered CranioSacral therapist, using my experience, knowledge, and intuition to help you in your process of healing. Together we will explore the mind, body and spirit to find blockages and origins of your physical or emotional pain. Using Somatic Emotional Release, we can release old trauma that has been stored in your cells limiting your ability to move forward in your life with ease.  I will listen to you completely and you will always be in a safe and nurturing environment where you will be able to relax and tap into your own wisdom and clarity. Whatever you want to work on, I would be honored to be your facilitator and make the journey with you.

Working with newborns and pediatrics is an important part of my practice. It is a privilege to help the newborns balance out their systems, and healing their birth trauma.  Craniosacral Therapy is helpful in cases of colic, torticollis, plagiocephaly, reflux, constipation, discomfort in carseat and many other symptoms.

I have a deep connection with the crystal nation and work with the stones in many of the healing modalities. Both with Children and adults.

I am asking you not to settle for a life where you feel empty inside, or trapped, or afraid of everything. Not to settle for a life of disconnection. Disconnection from yourself. It all starts with you. If you are fragmented within your self then your connections with others will also be fragmented. We need to become whole, so that our relationship with the world can be authentic to our soul.


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