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Backpain Counseling


I am a mindbody therapist who works with those suffering chronic pain. I enable the client to help unlock the unconscious reasons that keep them in pain without exercise, medication, surgery, or manual therapies.

Our unconscious mind represses emotions that are too painful for us and it keeps these feelings from becoming conscious. Our mindbody has decided that the best way to distract us is by giving us horrendous pain. Pain is a great distractor.  It is intuitive to believe that our pain has a physiological cause and so we go from doctor to doctor, undergo all sorts of therapies and medications in order to ease or eliminate the pain. It is difficult to believe that our emotions may be the source of our pain. A simple method of reeducating the conscious mind to the mindbody connection can unlock the causes of pain and end years of suffering.

It is necessary that you have a complete physical exam by a physician who has cleared you of having any tumors, cancer or infection that could be causing your pain before we can begin.

I meet with my clients using Skype or phone.

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Boston, Massachusetts
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