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Do you feel like you don’t recognize your life anymore? Are you tired of “doing everything right” and not finding the results or feeling the contentment you want in your life? Are you going thru a major transition in your work or relationships and need support?

I know what you’re struggling with. You want more meaning and purpose in your life ~ you’ve looked for it in weekend workshops, self help books and various forms of personal growth work. Part of you wants to believe the magic and part of you is grounded, rational and practical.  Do we create our reality? If so, why do bad things happen to good people.

Can we all just follow our bliss? If so, who will work at the grocery check outs? You’ve had great spiritual experiences but then you come home and have to deal with your partner, your kids, the bills.  Can you really integrate these experiences into the everyday?  I can help.  I’ve walked this path and have learned to separate the essential from “what sells well”. I provide a unique combination of emotional support and counseling combined with practical real world tools and techniques to help you create a life or purpose and passion.

I also specialize in couples money coaching.

When we fall in love or get married – talking about money seems very unromantic. However, once we’re in a long term relationship couples fight or disagree about money more than any other issue.  It isn’t because there is something wrong with you – it’s because money taps into our core survival needs.  When we’re dealing with money issues – it’s not really about the money – it’s about feeling safe, valued, having your dreams fulfilled.

Money issues directly or indirectly account for 60% of divorces. Couple’s therapists typically don’t have the background or the sophisticated tools to help resolve and heal money problems.

Money conflicts can affect all areas of the relationship including a couple’s intimacy.

Children often bring up deeply buried value conflicts that haven’t previously surfaced.

Life events such as having kids, one partner losing a job or restarting work can trigger deeply held issues regarding work, money and identity.

Sometimes Divorce is one of those inevitable but unplanned for life changes.  I understand that the ending of a marriage can create a number of emotional and financial challenges. It is very important to consider the financial realities of divorce before, not after, the final papers are signed. Successfully creating two households from one requires a skilled and steady approach, designed to meet the needs of your children, yourself and your future.

Money Coaching is unique in that it combines both the practical financial analysis with the emotional support and deep work required to heal and transform our deeply held emotions, beliefs and patterns around finances.

In ALL of my work I use my intuitive gifts and a range of therapeutic and energetic tools to help you transform your life.

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