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Gayle Elazar, LMHC, CCDVC, CCFC    Contact us:  727-744-2559     Gayle@Lotuscwc.com

Feather Sound Square, 2325 Ulmerton Rd., Suite 11c, Clearwater, FL 33762


Feel better faster! Motivated & dedicated to help you feel better and live the life you’ve always wanted! Why wait any longer? Lotus Counseling & Wellness Center’s goal: Motivating for Change, Encouraging a Better You! High quality clinical therapy & life coaching services, combining holistic & evidenced based treatments. Solution focused & client centered, age 3 – adulthood. Giving you caring, non-judgmental support, encouraging you to take an active role in your care, guiding your journey to a successful outcome and teaching you the skills to remain successful and healthy long after services have stopped.    For more information, go to: http://www.Lotuscwc.com

Our THERAPY SERVICES are focused on helping you transform your perceptions and approaches to relationships, happiness, and life. We provide specialized services for individuals, families, or couples impacted by multiple life issues and life stressors that keep you from being happy and healthy. Call us today! Start feeling better!

Our LIFE COACHING leads to lasting, positive life changes, happier & healthier relationships, and more true joy & happiness in your daily life! If you experience a lack of real listening and true connection in your life; coaching will help you fill that void. Coaches help you feel more satisfied with your life!

LGBTQ, Polyamorous, Transgender …. All Lifestyles welcome!

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2325 Ulmerton Rd., Clearwater, FL 33762
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