Queer + Therapy = Queerapy

“Queerapy” is a playful neologism that is easy to remember. Therapy is often serious. Humor and play help lighten the load and deepen connection.

Queerapy is a process. It’s a living and breathing evolution in understanding. And self-discovery is both the journey and the destination. Curiosity about yourself, and the desire to understand the way your world works, is the jumping-off point. What is your primary way of knowing what you know? What are your defenses and where do they come from? What is your range of emotions and how do they serve you? What drives you, and what holds you back?

Heightening our own awareness of our intentions, our triggers, assumptions we make, and patterns we repeat, gives us a keener sense of our strengths, limitations and purpose. Change is a constant – in the universe-at-large – and in our personal sets of circumstances. In asking (and answering) these questions of ourselves, we develop our own unique set of tools to adapt, cope, heal and thrive. “What we’re conscious of, we control. What we’re unconscious of controls us.” (Anonymous)

My areas of special focus include all queer communities, kink, poly, trans* identities, sex workers, fat positivity, body image and trauma. The space we’ll create together will be one of non-judgment and unconditional understanding. My clinical orientation is informed by Psychosynthesis, Gestalt, psychodynamic theory and good old-fashioned humor and creativity.

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