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Amundson & Schwartz Psychological Consulting, Inc.


I am a licensed clinical psychologist practicing independently in two office locations: southwest-side Chicago and Oak Park Park, Illinois, USA.  My theoretical orientation is broadly psychoanalytic.

I have nearly thirty years of experience engaging adults, adolescents, children and couples via this theoretical model.  While the presenting complaints of my clients vary dramatically, I believe that underlying and supporting diverse problems are unconscious needs and/or longings clamoring for acknowledgement and integration into consciousness.  Facilitating such integration through ongoing, interpretive discussion helps clients to achieve enhanced self-understanding of their inner dilemmas, this being a precondition for the resolution of longstanding, recurring, and often self-defeating attitudes and/or habits.

My “style” tends to be conversational.  Specifically, I see psychotherapy as first and foremost a dialogical undertaking, a “meeting of minds”.  I am committed to the perspective that the interpersonal exchange between a client and psychotherapist both mirrors and forwards the client’s internal dialogue, one occurring between consciousness and the unconscious dimensions of his/her personality.

In addition to myself, there are seven other licensed psychotherapists practicing at both of the offices that my practice operates.  These clinicians subscribe to a variety of theoretical orientations; cognitive, behavioral, family systems, and art therapies, to name a few.  They assist clients of all age groups.  Finally, all of the members of our group accept insurance plans.

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Two Offices: 1101 Lake Street, Suite 404, Oak Park, Illinois, 60301 and 6500 West 65th Street, Suite 203, Chicago, Illinois 60638
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