If you’re tired of clicking through endless profiles and would like to stop to connect with a REAL person, then I’d like to invite you to pause for a moment and call me directly. What do you have to lose? If we aren’t a good match there is still plenty of clicking waiting for you here 🙂  I’ve found that one short conversation will tell us so much more about each other than these online profiles can.  My hope is that when you call you will find that I am warm, open minded, compassionate, and empowering.

Our work together will be based on your needs, your goals, and your life.  We will work to help you feel better about yourself, more deeply connected, and satisfied with life.   I work with individuals, couples, partners and families helping them gain clarity and connection with each other.

I work with people dealing with self-worth issues, anxiety issues, living alternative lifestyles, wanting to reconnect with each other, among many other things.  I am also working my way through the requirements for becoming a sex therapist in Florida and am currently seeing clients dealing with sexual issues

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3530 1st Avenue N, Saint Petersburg, Florida, 33713
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