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Elemental Therapy

  • Mikita Brottman PhD., NAAP
  • Specialty: Counseling


I am an autonomous psychoanalyst in private practice outside the “mental health” system. This means I have no affiliation with any clinic, hospital or institution, nor do I accept any insurance payments. I work from my office at home, and I only see patients one day a week, currently Thursdays. As well as in-person therapy, however, I also work with patients on the phone, by Skype and by e-mail. Sometimes I have small group sessions of 5-6 people, but most of the work I do is one-on-one. I adhere to no particular system or methodology, so the kind of work I do depends your needs, but I always work with the unconscious. This means I am especially interested in helping people to understand their deeper motives, drives and impulses. I like to work with dreams and free association, and I am especially interested in long-term, deeply-focused psychoanalytic psychotherapy. I work best with people who are interested in their own thought-processes and who are committed to increased self-understanding. Much of my work has been with artists, writers and musicians who bring their creative process into their therapeutic work.

I have also done a lot of work with fetishes, phobias and sexual issues, including problems relating to gender identity, and relationship dynamics. I do some couples therapy, but I do not work with children. I am unable to write prescriptions for medication, although I am happy to make psychiatric referrals and consultations. I can also perform forensic evaluations and write referrals for court cases.

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1 East Chase St. #501, Baltimore, MD 21202
805 798 0430
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