Hello, my name is Doug Ronning, I am a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and Registered Drama Therapist in San Francisco, California.

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Doug Ronning MFT/RDT

I work collaboratively with individuals, families, and couples to help identify and overcome problems that get in the way of achieving life goals.

As an experiential psychotherapist, I offer highly interactive and engaging sessions to guide you towards greater self-awareness, increased self-regulation, effective communication, and responsible choice making.  

Experiential psychotherapy is an active and collaborative process between a therapist and client (a client can be an individual, a couple, or members of a family) to explore and identify solutions and alternative ways of being, rather than dwelling in problems or harmful patterns. It can also be a valuable method for gaining perspective and cultivating meaning.

Just as every client is unique, so is every therapy plan. I begin by helping clients assess their strengths as well as the changes they want to make and tailor the treatment to best suit the client’s needs, assets and therapeutic goals.

The cornerstones of my approach are intended to:

  • Create a safe and non-judgemental space for appropriate risk-taking.
  • Encourage deep personal inquiry toward cultivating awareness and insight.
  • Offer designed expressive arts and drama therapy experiences that inspire creative explorations.
  • Provide tools drawn from neuroscience, biofeedback, traditional and non-traditional schools of psychology.

In my practice I utilize both brief-focused (short-term) and growth-oriented (long form) psychotherapy.

brief-focused approach is useful for crisis intervention, time-limited and short-term, the focus is on cultivating tools to resolve problems or reduce symptoms quickly.

growth-oriented approach is ongoing and depth-focused. This approach is useful for persons who are committed to living a more meaningful life by improving their work, social and intimate relationships through expanding awareness and cultivating deeper understanding of one’s own conscious and unconscious thoughts, feelings, beliefs, desires, attitudes and behaviors.

Prior to becoming a psychotherapist, I worked as a screenwriter (HBO, MTV), as well as in event management and public affairs.

As a clinician, I am sensitive, compassionate, respectful, and direct. I am deeply committed to providing quality care and helping my clients lead more creative, productive, open, authentic and engaged lives.

To schedule a no-cost consultation, please call me at 415-902-5638.

For more information, please visit my webpage at http://dougronning.com


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