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Integrated Life Path Coaching, LLC


I am a psychologist, executive coach, life coach, and ADHD coach. I work with both individuals and groups. My consulting and coaching practice, Integrated Life Path Coaching is based in Northern Virginia and the Washington D.C. metro area.I work in person at your site or mine, via Skype or by phone.  I also travel frequently to my client sites both within the US and internationally. I am a frequent speaker at professional organizations and conferences and have published numerous articles and books.

One of my specialties is spiritual coaching. As a meditator in the Tibetan traditions for over 40 years i bring the wisdom of these ancient lineages to my practice. At the same time I am a professional with the highest level of credentials in western science. i combine my knowledge of western brain science with the wisdom of eastern mind science.

My second specialty is ADD/ADHD coaching for youths and adults. I specialize in eastern mind training methods combined with the latest in western neuroscience research for individuals who cannot tolerate stimulant medications and prefer a naturalistic approach.

That’s what i ‘DO’. Who I ‘AM’ is someone with a passion for personal and interpersonal development – mine and yours. I believe in my deepest being that it is in relation to others that we find ourselves. If we are brave, courageous and aware we can use every moment of every day as an opportunity for personal growth and to improve the world we live in. This is the work i want to do with you.

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4239 D John Marshall Highway Linden, VA 22642 USA
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