BoulderNeuroFeedback.com evolved from my lifelong training in the human psyche, 30 years in helping clients resolve traumatic stress, with my work in Rolfing and Cranio-Sacral therapy, all that time working with clients in private practice.  In those years, I had to often admit that there were gaps in my understanding of how to help clients resolve the issues that were driving their suffering.  I knew that the Central Nervous System (brain and spinal chord) was capable to evolving itself if we could learn how to communicate with it in its own language.  It became clear that talk therapy was limited because of what we have learned about hormones and neurotransmitter and their effect on our states of mind.  Essentially, we have moods before we have words and so automatic reactivity to triggers in our lives runs us.

Dr. Val Brown was introduced to me by 3 colleagues in about 2005.  I had looked at the brain biofeedback field, now called neurofeedback, and it was all protocol driven and centered in the current medical model of diagnosing and then driving change.  My work with trauma had already taught me never to push an individual’s process, since defense mechanisms develop early in life to protect trauma accumulated in early childhood.  Val Brown was speaking an entirely difference language and in line with Modern Physics.

Now having used the NeurOPTIMAL brain training system for 8 years, I can say that I am seeing incredible healing in my clients, without ever seeing side-effects and where the CNS makes all its own decisions.  By providing the CNS with comprehensive information about its dysfunctional behavior, literally mirroring its brainwave activity back to itself, our CNS refines its function which is that of survival and generating a state of harmony, irrelevant of what our circumstances are.

Neuroplasticity is the science that is undeniable at this point; our brain is capable of improving its effective in life (called re-normalizing in physics) if we can feedback to it how it is using energy in an inefficient manner.  The CNS is an energy conserving system directly responsible for our survival and sustainability and it functions at the level of instinct, or below our conscious control.  This approach is cutting edge technology and is very popular today with folks who have tried other therapies with limited or no success.  Individuals, couples, families and children are benefitting significantly from this type of brain training.

Please see our website for more detailed information on how we do what we do.  Our latest Research Conference was very inspiring.  To see the broad spectrum of clients we are working with and seeing incredible improvements in their function in life is really gratifying.

Please be in touch if you feel drawn to learn more about what we do.

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