Looking for support? I’ll guide you through exploring your inner world and your relationship styles, in a way that is free of judgment and full of compassion. Together we’ll look for patterns in your life that cause you pain. We’ll ask questions: What are your needs? Values? Goals? Dreams? How well do you communicate them? What is holding you back? I’ll help you reclaim disowned parts of yourself and learn new life strategies that allow you to move through pain, bringing you more freedom and a greater sense of aliveness. My style is very relaxed, curious, open-minded and cooperative.

Queer + Therapy = Queerapy

“Queerapy” is a playful neologism that is easy to remember. Therapy is often serious. Humor and play help lighten the load and deepen connection.

Recent research shows that “chemistry” is one of the most important elements in successful therapy. I offer a no-cost 30-minute consultation so that we can see if there’s an initial spark of a therapeutic relationship. I am happy to provide referrals to other therapists if needed. Contact me for more information or to schedule an appointment. I would love to hear from you.

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