Does traditional therapy NOT work for you? Guess what? You are not alone!

My sessions are a non-traditional, mind, body, and spiritual approach toward sexual and emotional health and wellness for individuals and couples. I hold a PhD in Human Sexuality, Masters in Clinical Psychology, and am a Certified Sex Coach.

Facing our sexual challenges and pain within our lives can be difficult. However, feeling trapped, depressed, anxious, or angry is worse! I work in a collaborative way, helping you to further develop your capacity for insight and understanding, navigate difficult feelings, build skills, understand your patterns, break free from old destructive ways, and develop your sense of self to achieve your desired results.

All you need to do is make the first step; contact me for an appointment today, either online or in person, to begin your beautiful journey!

Featured Articles

Spring Has Sprung!

As we encounter Spring – with trees returning to life, birds singing sweetly in their nests, and days growing longer with windy, warm, and rainy weather – we too bud with nature’s revival. Plants begin to flower and spur our own with delicious, erotic aromas. The beauty of our flowers is stimulating, opening, and loving […]

The Feminine Waterfall

The feminine waterfall is the sweet nectar of the Goddess that flows out of some women when they orgasm. While some females are blessed naturally with the erotic flow known as “female ejaculation,” all of us have the potential to develop this heavenly ability. Unfortunately, this astonishing gift causes some women to become embarrassed and […]

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