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Christian Wolff | Split Shift™ | Negotiating a Crazy World: Guidance & Consultation | World Wide


Christian Wolff | Split Shift™ | Negotiating a Crazy World: Guidance & Consultation

There are no unlicensed psychologists anymore. This means all psychologists practice at the pleasure of their state licensing boards to offer govern-mental health services. This is the case as well for licensed counselors, therapists, and social workers. Do you trust the government to have your personal best interest in mind?

Psychologists are paid by big business. Big Pharma. Big Insurance. Big Data. Do you trust big business to have your best interest in mind?

Because I do not use my psychology license in my work with Split Shift™, I can give you more than the latest psychological party line. Regulated psychology is just that – regulated. It is the job of state licensing boards to keep things regular. I have no in interest keeping regular.

Because I do not use my psychology license in my work with Split Shift™, I do not take insurance. I can meet you at any level of privacy you require. No reports to insurance companies. No permanent electronic health record. No rights given to insurance companies or licensing boards to inspect or seize your records.

Split Shift™ can help you to:

• Fully Realize Your Creative Power
• Find Your Courage and Overcome your Fears
• Quickly Work Through the Tenets of Common Psychology
• Rapidly Get On With Your Life
• Find Peace Through Common Justice
• When Necessary Demand Justice Through Force*
• Learn All the Ways to Say No When You Mean It
• Learn All the Ways to Say Yes to Good Opportunities When You See Them
• Have Fun & Learn to Love Life
• Become Smartly Paranoid & Avoid the High Cost of Naiveté
• Learn Deep Relaxation and Natural Confidence
• Embrace Your Problem With Authority: Learn How to Mess With Evil People
• Develop Critical Thinking Skills
• Develop Effective Problem Solving & Decision Making Skills
• Realize that Powerlessness is a Pain in the Ass
• Make Reality Respond To You

* By “Force,” We Mean “Very Powerful Non-Violent Action”

Methodology: There are two main things you should know about the methods used at Split Shift™ to help you achieve your aims:

1) You get access to the wisdom, sensibility, and the accumulated experiences of the Split Shift consultant you are working with. If you are working with Christian Wolff, for instance, you will get Christian Wolffism and Christian Wolffology. You will want to know a little bit about who and what Christian Wolff is. You may be getting a sense of him even now as you read.

2) We will make things up as we go – together. That’s right. We will just make stuff up. If you think this is actually the absence of methodology, you would be incorrect. If you believe this is unscientific, you would be in possession of some incorrect ideas about science. Life is experimental. “Science” is a verb. We observe. We develop ideas, theories, and hypotheses about what we observe. We test our ideas. We observe the outcome. That which govern-mental psychology calls “Evidenced Based” is nothing more than Orwellian Doublespeak. It is a euphemism for “government-approved.” It is dangerous because it is dogma. It is “government approved” because it will help keep you passive, and “regular.”

Modalities: We can agree to conduct our business in any way we choose: Talk, experiential opportunity, phone, video conferencing, in-person, or a combination of these. Frequently, infrequently, special projects, as-needed. We are free people. We are adults. The state has not declared us incompetent to make our own decisions.

Slow therapy: It is your dime, but my fees are high. Slow therapy groups are useful and less expensive. They can be a nice, less expensive compliment to Fast Therapy or Fast Change.

Fast Therapy: No fooling around or stringing you along. To the extent it is possible, Split Shift will attempt to solve all your problems in a single meeting. Challenges and problems are good things. When you completely solve one problem, the universe will provide new ones. You will never get to the new problems (opportunities) if you flounder too long trying to solve the first set. Do not preserve your problems. The universe will make more. As powerful people, we welcome new obstacles because they represent the advanced state of our accomplishments.

Q: Is it therapy, consultation, guidance, advice or what?
A: In most cases, it makes no difference. These are false distinctions.

Q: Who is the target client of Split Shift. What is the target clientele?
A: All persons, groups of persons, and organized groups of persons can benifit from Split Shift consultation if their attitude is right.

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