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DSCN5733There are times whencharles small writing my profiles that I feel like Garrison Keillor describing the folks of Lake Woebegone. Our clinic is located in tiny Tracy, in the rolling hills of SW Minnesota,  30 miles from the nearest traffic light.  I’m a former beekeeper, physics professor and musician, who has evolved to become a healer. Colleagues and I have been operating a natural therapies clinic in this little city for some 14 years now; we have 5 treatment rooms, two saunas, an exercise area, and a healing library tucked into our two story facility. We work with folks who come to us with a wide variety of physical and emotional issues (seldom do we find one without the other), and who have become discouraged with the failure of western medicine to help them.  They come to us, “when nothing else works”.  Their ills have included anxiety, bed wetting, brain cancer, breast cancer, cardio disease, heavy metals, infertility, hypothyroidism, relationships, sexual issues and many more. We use chelation, Chinese medicine, craniosacral therapy, EFT, essential oils, hypnosis, meditation, nutrition, whatever it takes. Do our patients live longer? Not always, but they do live better. Check out our website at, see what we share at, read my “Faith” blog at, then call us at (507) 629 3900 for a free 15 minute chat. It just might be the best call you’ve ever made.

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Lucy Cures Her Migraines, With a Story

HAVE YOU EVER HAD A MIGRAINE?  A really throbbing headache that will NOT go away?  Lucy stopped at our clinic, with just such a story.  Nothing that she did made a difference.  This was in my early years, when I knew even less than I know now, and I didn’t know what to tell her.  […]

Ron’s Story: Do It Yourself Cancer Recovery

Ron was a lieutenant in the Vietnam War.  He drove a truck, transporting war materiel.  He was never injured, but was often sprayed by Agent Orange.  He finished his tour and returned to Minnesota, opening a small repair shop on W. College Drive in Marshall.  I owned a Toyota at the time, and Ron was […]

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