Hello and welcome. My name is Donna Allen and I’m a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapy Associate practicing in Green Lake and Pioneer Square. Thank you for visiting my profile to learn more about my practice.

Philosophy: Non-pathologizing, Strength Based view

You may be having a hard time or noticing the same old patterns repeating themselves over an over. I don’t believe those obstacles define or identify you, and I do believe you have helpful and positive qualities that can be employed to your advantage. My goal is to help you remove the roadblocks, identify your strengths as well as help you develop new skills and tools and teach you to become your own greatest problem solver and ally.

Methods: Internal Family Systems Therapy, Contemplative and Creative Tools
Internal Family Systems, or “IFS” is a model of therapy that recognizes your innate qualities of curiosity, compassion and creativity as your basic “Self”, and views other internal thought and emotion based aspects of you as “parts” that hold a great variety of memories, reactive patterns, and even traumas. Sometimes parts get stuck in unhelpful roles or patterns and can obscure your qualities of “Self”. The process of IFS therapy helps you to understand stuck parts better and relieve the sense of burden they carry. Doing this  frees up your own resources (qualities of Self) so that you can move forward in a stronger and healthier way.

My practice is also informed by Eastern Philosophy and I often work with such methods as meditation and aspects of yoga to help you develop and enhance qualities of calmness, focus and concentration as well as to manage symptoms of anxiety and depression. It can even help you build patience with discomfort so that the source of your unease can be worked with instead of finding a way to distract from it or numb it out.

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