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Alisia Ives MS LCPC Licensed Counselor


Today step toward a way of living that feels more empowered. My clients want to be active participants in their counseling, are willing to risk being open, and try new ways of doing things. Also, they are often people who are already sucessful in some way.

Clients come in because they feel sad, stressed, off-balance, stuck and/or anxious. To allow me to help you, it is important that you talk openly about who you are, how you are feeling, and what is working for you now. We will also identify what is not working in your life, and you will explore how you would like your life to be. There are privacy measures in place, so you may talk in comfort.  Making changes requires exerting awareness of thoughts and talk, asserting your wants and needs, and noticing how things affect you.

Our time together usually becomes part of learning to guide your journey. You will be courageous in our work and please, bring your curiosity.  Counseling can feel challenging – and immensely satisfying!  You will benefit from various styles including cognitive behavioral, relational, value-driven, analytical, spiritual, action-oriented, and solution-oriented. As well as mindfulness and meditation, a holistic viewpoint.  If you feel good generally, and it turns out you need help in one area, you may be on your way in only a few weeks. Ideally feeling lighter and more confident in your ability to better affect your own life. Call or email me with questions or to set up a first appointment.

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205 Ocean Avenue, Portland, Maine USA
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