Alexandra Leclere, M.A.: Energy Healer & Medium Bringing Energy, Power & Joy via Contact with the Spirit World

Alexandra has extraordinary healing powers of clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairsentience – seeing, hearing and sensing spirits – awakened through her work with the Spirit World. However, her great blessing is her ability to experience unconditional joy. Her goal is to teach everyone to experience unconditional love so that they feel like they are falling in love everyday.

Years of experience in the healing arts has lead Alexandra to create Clear Link Energy Work – CLEW – a path to achieving a healthy mind, body, emotions and spirit. Using CLEW, Alexandra facilitates powerful emotional, physical, mental and spiritual healing to people of all ages around the world.

Prior to finding her gift of healing, Alexandra Leclere was president of an international television production and multimedia corporation for 17 years. Alexandra is also an interfaith minister and is fluent in English, French and Russian.

Alexandra offers private sessions in-person or via telephone and works with adults and children of all ages.

Alexandra helps clients to:

  1. Break through personal, professional and financial energy blocks.
  2. Heal personal and business relationships.
  3. Achieve emotional and physical healing
  4. Speak with loved ones who have passed over.
  5. Repair energy and karma.
  6. Make successful transitions.
  7. Find new life directions.
  8. Increase spiritual connections.
  9. Connect and develop their personal healing abilities.
  10. Gain confidence
  11. Stop smoking
  12. Lose weight

Alexandra’s abilities are enhanced by personal empathy formed through her own experiences of abuse. She has been able to open the door to her dark room and let in the light. Now, it is her life’s work to bring the light to others.

Her methods include personal interaction, journeying (traveling to other worlds to effect change in this one) and using spirits as her guide.

Let Alexandra help you break through so you can reconnect with your intrinsic joy. Using experiential exercises, guided meditation and personal example, she will help you break out and live a happier life.

Alexandra also mentors individuals who want to develop their healing abilities. In one-on-one sessions, she helps clients get in touch with their healing and intuition.

Contact Alexandra to schedule an in-person or telephone session: alexandraleclere@aol.com or 914-548-3450

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New Rochelle, New York
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