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Below is an experiential article I wrote.

Follow along with the exercise, and you should have a good healing session right from Your Seat.

Safety disclaimer. Working with this type of scripting can open strong places of emotion. If you find yourself crying, keep tapping through it, and continue working with your health practitioner.

By using this script, You are taking your own responsibility for Your personal health and well-being.

First of all, I wanted to let you know I have a very strong spiritual connection to source.

If you are comfortable with this, then I welcome You to the peaceful sessions week. Know that you are in a sacred healing area, I am here to listen and guide You, not judge. This is a confidential space, where nothing you share will be spoken, unless you give me permission to use in print your personal testimonials and sharings. Welcome, take off your shoes, breathe, relax. This time is for you, and you alone.

Since you shared already where you would like to focus, go into your creative healing space, your sacred cave, garden, house, or room. Look. Around. Rest, and know that nothing can harm you here. If you feel like you want to, invite your little child into this space, or whatever else you feel comfortable bringing in. Here in this space, we will be tapping on certain energy points to release stress and pressure.

Rate the intensity of your issue from one to ten: How high is it? Write it down.

Tapping on the karate chop point, the middle soft spot on the outside of your hand, with your index and middle finger, say three times, even though I have this issue, I deeply and completely love, accept and forgive myself. Filling in the words this issue with your current problem.

The next point you use is on the inside of your eyebrow. Using your first two fingers, tapping five to seven times very gently, you say, this issue.

The second point tapped on is the outside of the eye right next to your temple. Tap there five to seven times saying, this issue.

The third point used is under your eye. It is the soft spot under your eye in the middle underneath your eye. Tap five to seven times there, saying, this issue.

The fourth point used is the middle spot under your nose and above your upper lip, in the little indentation. Tap there five to seven times, saying this issue. Commonly referred by UN or under nose.

The fifth point is your chin spot in the little indentation between your chin and bottom lip. UC, under chin. Tap five to seven times, saying, this issue.

The next point, the collarbone, is located a little underneath where a gentleman would tie his tie. If you move about an inch down, and a little to the left or right, you will locate it. It, too will be sore most of the time. Using your closed fist, rub in this area five to seven times, saying this issue. CB

The next point used is found as if you were to give yourself a hug. It is the soft spot on your sides, right where a bra strap would be. Very gently using four fingers, tap five to seven times, saying your reminder phrase, this issue. UA

The final spot used is the crown of your head, TH, running four fingers in a circle, tap five to seven times, saying this issue. Your top head spot would be right where a beanie would land if you were wearing the hat.

Take a second and breathe.

Re-rate where your feelings are on a one to ten scale. Have they dropped? How is your stress level?

If your feelings are more than a zero, start the. Sequence again using the words, this remaining problem.

Rubbing the Karate Chop point state, Even though I have some of this remaining problem, I still deeply love, accept, and forgive myself. Tapping remaining points five to seven times, say this remaining problem.

Stop and breathe again. Rerate from one to ten. If there is still a little bit of stress, left, repeat the last rounds again.

When you reach zero stress, with that particular trouble, replace each point with a positive choice like: strength, love, joy, or personal power.

In closing, take a look back at where you started with your ratings and where you are now.

Let’s use this sequence for losing weight, to find your emotional triggers, and shut them down before food cravings kick in and you eat that extra snack.
On a one to ten scale, how much do you want to take a bite?

Set up:

Tapping your karate chop point: Even though I feel so hungry, and I can’t stop myself from eating this tasty treat, I choose to be open to totally accepting who I am in this moment.

Even though I want to chow this lovely, tempting thing down with no sense of remorse, and devour it completely, I choose in this moment to accept my feelings, how I was made, and be open to letting all of these emotional triggers go.

Even though I long to make this delicious treat I’m drooling over vanish, I accept who I am now, and want to be victorious over the craving. I believe in myself, and want to make good choices for my health.

Eyebrow: I want to totally bust these cravings. I choose health.
Side of Eye: I am open to letting this tasty morsel go.
Under Eye: Wait a minute, No, I don’t want to, You can’t make me.
Under Nose. I will let go, I will conquer. I am safe and secure, I choose to let this go.
Chin: I no longer want to be held back by this bully who insists I eat.
Collarbone: I choose to be open to move forward and conquer this little insistent voice. I choose being open, and believing I can do it.
Under arm: these food cravings, these are something I truly want to get rid of.
Top of Head: No, I don’t, I’m going to eat this and celebrate, why shouldn’t I feel good? I hear you voice, I accept you are there in this moment, I accept all of me, and maybe, just maybe even while accepting all that I am, there is a space open where I can truly accept and be willing to let a tiny bit of this go.

Eyebrow: I am open in this moment to letting little bits of this craving go. I don’t have to do it all at once, just baby steps forward.
Side of Eye: I am open to letting my cravings go.
Under Eye: Choosing to let my cravings go.
Under Nose: Choosing this second to let these cravings go.
Chin: Just being open to letting all these food cravings and responses go in this moment. Breathe. Right now, there is only this moment, this now.
Collarbone: Relaxing and letting all my food cravings disappear, melt into the background.
Under Arm: I really want to let these cravings dissolve.
Top of Head: Releasing food thoughts and choosing to move forward.

On a scale from one to ten now, with ten being high, how much do you want your tidbit now?
If your craving level is a zero, You can stop now, but with anything higher You will want to repeat all of the rounds like those below.

Setup: Even though I still want some of this yummy munchy, I fully accept myself in this moment, and I know it’s okay to let these feelings go.
Even though I am still drooling, I am okay, a perfectly designed person, and I can be free to let these feelings go.

Even though my inner kid wants this, it’s okay, I am free to make my own perfect decisions in this Now.

Eyebrow: I am free to decide to make my own decisions, I am in this Moment, not then.
Side of Eye: Letting all of these feelings go. I choose to be free.
Under Eye: I am a good person, I’m free, I am safe to believe in myself and my wants.
Under nose: I feel like I’m tied to the past, these voices won’t let me go.
Chin: This food bully who pretends to be my friend.
Collarbone: it’s keeping me stuck, causing self sabotage.
Under Arm: I really, really, choose freedom right now, I believe in myself, right Now, I am open to the possibility of letting this controlling thing go, a little at a time.

Top of head. I feel these food issues are holding me back, they have kidnapped a part of me, I can’t control it.

Eyebrow: I am free to release these harsh substances a little bit at a time. I don’t have to get to the bottom of this right away, I am safe to use baby steps in moving forward.
Side of Eye: I can, right now, choose to release these cravings, and walk towards freedom in the now and future a little at a time.
Under Eye: choosing freedom, releasing this fear that is causing me to want All kinds of Munchies.
Under Nose: I am open to releasing all these doubts and fears. I am beautiful, and I can stand in all of my power without fear, right now.
Chin: Free to release the hold this food has over me.
Collarbone: I am free to let these things and triggers go.
Under Arm: I really want to be free, to walk freely and lightly, being open to releasing and letting my food of choice go one bit at a time, right now.
Top of Head: Freely releasing these cravings and moving forward. I am with you little kid inside, and will always be there to protect, watch out for and take care of you. Here is a gift for watching out for me, are you willing to encourage me, in wanting to be the perfect weight?

Thank You for all you do and have done in the past. I can manage it from here.

Reassess your food cravings from one to ten. If it is not at a zero, repeat the above rounds several more times until your level is truly a zero.

I hope You enjoyed the script, and that it helps You, beautiful soul, moving towards a safer, healthier, and more abundant life.
Thank You for the Honor of working with You, a beautiful soul and piece of creation.

Please remember to drink water.

If you would like to get a hold of me for a mini healing session, write: with the subject line Mini Healing Session.

I would be pleased to help you grow forward in your life’s journey, may you be Blessed Beautiful Soul, in all You Are.

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