Generally conducted with couples, but also individual sessions are available depending on a client’s relationship to sex and intimacy.
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    Alchemy of Eros

    We offer sex-positive, kink and vanilla-friendly therapy in Portland, Oregon and internationally via video-conferencing. We provide a non-judgmental space to explore issues around sexuality, desire, passion, ecstasy, power, intimacy, communication, personal transformation and life transitions. Our philosophy of counseling is that there are hidden meanings and creative solutions within the conflicts, challenges and difficulties we face. Our approach is non-pathological, transformative and diversity-conscious.

    Mt Tabor, Portland, Oregon 97206
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    Kelley Johnson, Ph. D.

    My life is devoted to making our nation a more sex positive place for all us. I provide sexological consultation to individuals and couples, teach sex education to people of all ages, consult with schools and other institutions around sexuality policy, and train health professional about the importance of talking to their patients about sexuality.