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    Thomas Ramey Watson, Ph.D.

    Your mind, body, & spirit are important components of a good life. I work with relationships, abuse, bullying, developing a strong and healthy sense of self, sex & gender, & spirituality. Having had a number of experiences with loss and the survival of the soul, I also do lots of grief and hope work over the passing of beloved animals and people.

    3537 W 62 AV, Denver, CO 80221-1907
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    Psychotherapy intern offering services for individuals, couples, families, children
    – Specialty in domestic violence/trauma, illness/grief, parent-child, Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy
    – Using Expressive Arts, Drama Therapy, and Narrative techniques with a Humanistic frame

    1265 65th St, Emeryville, CA 94608
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    Marcie Telander

    East River Counseling, Inc. and Marcie Telander, MA, REAT, CGP, DAPA – President, offer compassionate, holistic counseling for individuals, men’s issues, women in transition, couples, children, adolescents, families. Through many healing modalities clients expand their sense of purpose, passion and peace. Enhancing relationships with self, other and spirit are important focal points for growth and transformation. Somatic Emotional Empathic Release soothes, stimulates and strengthens body-mind-brain communication. Expressive Art Therapy, ritual, rites of passage and life-stage celebrations for individuals, groups and community, weddings, blessing-and-releasing grief process and animal bereavement are also available when appropriate.

    160 Lower Allen Road Crested Butte, Colorado
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    Cynthia Kagoshima CCEP

    Core Energetics is a body/mind based therapy modality that utilizes sub-conscious and implicit body memory as a shortcut toward shifting conscious behavior. It tends to challenge the ego and can be an amazing tool toward understanding how and why coping mechanisms and defenses get in the way of moving toward what one truly desires in […]

    1133 Broadway Ste 609, New York, NY 10001