Sober Sex

You Know You Want It! You would think that individuals, couples, or beyond, could have great sex just by wanting it. Nothing could be further from the truth! Deciding to share “great sober sex” is an important decision to make, but that alone does not guarantee total sexual fulfillment. Some people fall into having great […]

Why I Abandoned Desire

  So, did sex happen? my friend asks over the phone. I relay a memory involving an old boyfriend from high school. Frozen, I have no idea what to say. Um, well. I breathe into the phone. We didn’t, actually, go all the way. What do you mean? she asks. I trust my friend. We […]

Christmas Vacation in the Schizophrenia Factory

“…what is usually called hypnosis is an experimental model of a naturally occurring phenomenon in many families. In the family situation, however, the hypnotists (the parents) are already hypnotized (by their parents) and are carrying out their instructions, by bringing their children up to bring their children up… I consider that the majority of adults […]

Remembering What Is

My little dog is very old now. I miss the younger dog, once admired by the likes of Paul McCartney, Kim Basinger, Anne Hathaway, and the steady stream of New York City strollers who have been delighted to see her smart sidewalk bounce and her platinum and charcoal coat. My Attie no longer bounces. She […]