Acceptance vs Vulnerability

Life & Business Coaching: Acceptance vs Vulnerability Life is filled with hard times and lessons learned. I hate to be the bearer of bad news. Some people are often Up in the eyes of the beholder. Others often seem to be in the pits. Very few seem to have found a peaceful balance between all things […]

Another Side of the Story

As therapists, we are taught to form a collaboration with a client free from bias; to dispel our own values, beliefs, and opinions in order to meet a client where he/she is, and to simply learn about him/her free from predetermined ideas and personal prejudices. We are also trained to put aside, during counseling sessions, […]

Psychology’s Taboo Against Imagination

[Listen to the audio recording of “Psychology’s Taboo Against Imagination.”]   Over the last few decades, the teaching and practice of psychology has veered into a dark abyss. The overuse of diagnosis — a misguided attempt to codify and categorize much of human behavior — has destroyed the imagination of practitioners and clients alike, leaving […]