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Life & Business Coaching: Acceptance vs Vulnerability
Life is filled with hard times and lessons learned.
I hate to be the bearer of bad news.
Some people are often Up in the eyes of the beholder. Others often seem to be in the pits. Very few seem to have found a peaceful balance between all things financial, all things familial,and all things social.
The very things we value as a source of peace are loathed by those who possess them. How many people visit beautiful destinations on vacation wishing they never had to leave… while those inhabitants wish they could follow you home. It sometimes seems as though no one is happy with having “it”. Whatever “it” may be. If you are thin there are pills to make you eat. If you are big then there are pills to make you stop eating. My job is better than yours… My recovery is longer than yours… I have a girlfriend …You don’t … when do the pressures stop and how can you control them?
Sometimes, good things happen to bad people. You have the right to be angry. You have the right to be hurt. But, you also have the right to be healed and to be whole. Accept where you have been in life and embrace where you can go. There is life still in you. It is another day to get “it” right!
Some people like “steps”.
So, lets say the steps look like this:
1. Think about what you are thinking about
2. Have a positive affirmation, preferably a faith based affirmation, to counter all negative, procrastination, and fear based thoughts
3. Reach out for help when needed from a coach you can relate to
Sounds really easy… at first ….
Until you realize how difficult it is to think about what you are thinking about 🙂
or until you start to see the reality of what your thoughts have been telling you all this time.
Or, suppose you made it to Step 2.
While finding victory on Step 1 you get really pumped! But, on step 2 your affirmations are not working. You have realized that your thoughts are not what you want them to be and they are hindering your progress and/or contentment but, in spite of that desire you can’t find victory.
This place is called vulnerability.
In moments of failed expectations, disappointment, or anxiety can you be real with yourself and see yourself in complete truth… no matter how painful “truth” may be?
Truth may be that you refuse to reach out for help because you want to do it yourself. You have always done it yourself and to receive help would be to take away from your self-sufficiency, your self-efficacy, or take away from the weight of your successfulness. Truth may be that you are not ready for change. Or that you are scared of where change may take you. Vulnerability.
How will people see you? As a “failure”? As a “sinner”? Will you be “unacceptable”?
Now you wonder, Are you “acceptable”?
All of these labels spell vulnerability.
I take this moment to encourage you that the peace you seek, the progress you desire- it all lies in Acceptance. Vulnerability comes in many forms to throw you off track. Starting a business, finding sobriety, having a relationship, starting a new healthy lifestyle all comes with the vulnerability of change and of the unknown. If you try Accepting being Vulnerable as a natural part of your journey you just may find your progress unlocked simply due to the freedom found in your revelation.


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