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    'Online Therapy and Counseling Until Midnight'

    Dr. John Silver offers Certified Online Therapy; Sex Therapy; Marriage, Family and Child Counseling; Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy and Modern Psychoanalysis in Los Angeles and World Wide.

    2100 Sawtelle Blvd. Suite #204 Los Angeles, Ca.,USA 90025
    1 (310) 268-8282
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    The Clearing

    Located in Friday Harbor on the San Juan Islands of Washington State, The Clearing is a dual diagnosis inpatient rehab center for adult men and women. We admit a maximum of 10 clients at a time as a cohort, and offer treatment for substance abuse, eating disorders, and co-occurring mental health issues.

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    Thomas Ramey Watson, Ph.D.

    Your mind, body, & spirit are important components of a good life. I work with relationships, abuse, bullying, developing a strong and healthy sense of self, sex & gender, & spirituality. Having had a number of experiences with loss and the survival of the soul, I also do lots of grief and hope work over the passing of beloved animals and people.

    3537 W 62 AV, Denver, CO 80221-1907
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    Jungian-Somatic Therapist in Santa Barbara & Carpinteria

    LMFT with 20 years experience who integrates Jungian/Imaginal Depth Psychology with Somatic Psychology. Extensive background in the Arts and Humanities, as well as Spirituality.

    21 E. Canon Perdido, Ste. 206, Santa Barbara, CA 93101
    (909) 732-9037
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    Naturopathy, Transpersonal Psychotherapy and Clinical Hypnotherapy

    Digital Health Testing using hair samples to identify food intolerance micronutrient deficiencies and general health. Psychotherapy and Hypnotherapy using a humanistic, spiritual and solution focused approach.

    37 Surrey St, Littlehampton, West Sussex, BN175BH England, UK
    UK 07900 218954
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    TheraBee Psychology

    At TheraBee you will find acceptance, compassion, and non-judgement. While I treat a large variety of people, I specialize in working with those marginalized for reasons around their sexuality and/or (non)religion. Communities served include LGBQ, Gender minorities (including Trans), Poly, Kink, and Nontheist.

    2035 Hogback Rd Suite 108 Ann Arbor, MI 48104
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    Deirdre Martin, LMHC, CHt, NBCCH

    Nova Healing, LLC is a private mental health practice focused on using innovative techniques to help you gain control of your life.

    Tampa, FL
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    Geoff Ashmun, Pastoral Psychotherapist

    Counseling for helping professionals & the communities they serve. Specializing in addiction, trauma, compassion fatigue, codependency, depression, relationship issues.

    Santa Cruz, CA