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    Elena Amato, Heart-Based Healing, Maryland

    Heart-Based Healing is home to spiritual and energetic therapies that clears away debris of trauma and psychosomatic distress quickly and with ease. We open the channels of your being to the Great Mystery so that all aspects of self can gracefully move into balance.

    Bel Air, MD 21015
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    Thomas Ramey Watson, Ph.D.

    Your mind, body, & spirit are important components of a good life. I work with relationships, abuse, bullying, developing a strong and healthy sense of self, sex & gender, & spirituality. Having had a number of experiences with loss and the survival of the soul, I also do lots of grief and hope work over the passing of beloved animals and people.

    3537 W 62 AV, Denver, CO 80221-1907
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    Naturopathy, Transpersonal Psychotherapy and Clinical Hypnotherapy

    Digital Health Testing using hair samples to identify food intolerance micronutrient deficiencies and general health. Psychotherapy and Hypnotherapy using a humanistic, spiritual and solution focused approach.

    37 Surrey St, Littlehampton, West Sussex, BN175BH England, UK
    UK 07900 218954
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    Laurie Greenberg, PhD, Transpersonal Psychologist

    Welcome to a journey of healing and discovery! My approach is spiritual yet embodied, expressive and empowering. Together we can aim to heal the effects of stressful events, explore previous lives and esoteric experiences, delve into your dreams and the wellspring of your creativity. We can collaborate to improve your relationships with others. Even more importantly, I’m here to help you learn to love and honor yourself, and move forward on the path which is truly yours.

    138 West 25th Street, Suite 802, New York, NY 10001
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    Shamanic Lady Holistic Services


    77-151 Greenways Crescent East, Winnipeg, Manitoba, R2Y2G8
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    Psychic Counseling and Spiritual Healing - Elissa Heyman

    In person or by phone, a psychic counseling and spiritual healing session offers clarifying insights about your personal, professional, and spiritual life. The messages, through clairvoyance, divination, and counseling, help you understand transitions, make decisions, and recognize opportunities. Spiritual healing, mediumship, and energy release work at your request.

    514 E. Palace Avenue, Santa Fe, New Mexico, 87501
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    Ki Browning

    Ki is an Honors Graduate from the University of Texas in Psychology, Board Certified Hypnotherapist, Corporate Wellness Consultant, Body-Mind-Spirit Personal Coach, Certified Strength Trainer, Registered Yoga Teacher, Fitness Over Fifty Specialist, Aqua Aerobics Instructor, Nutrition Educator, Meditation Leader, Reiki Master and Dream Interpreter.

    4131 Spicewood Springs, Austin, Texas 78759
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    Bach Flowers Therapy

    Bach Flowers Essences can reduce stress, fears and worries. The treatment will help you restore your emotional balance.

    North Carolina, United States
    (704) 774-5118
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    A Limitless Life - Live the Life you Desire

    A Limitless Life CFO Jeannine Marzella, PhDc., has been helping people for over 25 years. She has a masters in...

    United States