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    Michelle Emery Professional Life Coaching and Counseling, LLC

    As a professional Life Coach and Counselor I help individuals make lasting change in their lives.

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    Deirdre Martin, LMHC, CHt, NBCCH

    Nova Healing, LLC is a private mental health practice focused on using innovative techniques to help you gain control of your life.

    Tampa, FL
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    Pam Moran Treatment and Consulting

    I am honored to provide Trauma-Informed, Relationally-Focused and Evidenced Based Treatments to Traditional and Non-Traditional Couples, Families and Individuals.

    525 N. Twefth St., Lemoyne, PA 17011
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    Brian Murphy

    I practice Holistic Psychotherapy, which goes beyond the bounds of regular talk therapy. You get to go inside yourself and really connect with your feelings, your imagination, and the energy...

    116 West 23rd Street, New York, NY 10011
    917 671 6923